Alison Joseph

About me

I was born and brought up in London, where I live with my husband and three children. After studying French and Philosophy at Leeds University, I worked in local radio in Leeds as a producer and presenter before returning to London to make short documentaries for a Channel 4 production company. In 1985 I set up my own company, Works on Screen; our productions included Through the Devil's Gateway, a series about women and religion presented by Helen Mirren, which was broadcast by Channel 4 in 1989. A book of the series was published by SPCK.


Sister Agnes first appeared with the publication of Sacred Hearts in 1994. This was followed by The Hour of Our Death (1995), The Quick and the Dead (1996), A Dark and Sinful Death (1997), The Dying Light (1999), The Night Watch (2000), Darkening Sky (2004), Shadow of Death (2007) and most recently A Violent Act (2008). The Sister Agnes Mystery series can be found on Amazon Kindle on and

Other projects

I have written short stories for Radio 4, for YOU magazine, for Critical Quarterly and for various women's magazines, as well as abridging novels for Radio 4 programmes such as Book at Bedtime, The Late Book and Woman's Hour, including the award-winning production of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. My radio plays include Sister Agnes Investigates (2008), Benedict's Rule (2004), Go For The Grail (1995) and Baby on Board (1996).


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